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Cobourg / The McKenzie House - Ontario,Canada

Believed to be haunted by 3 spirits. One is an elderly lady that haunts the Rose room she is said to tuck people in at night a remove things from the room only to return it days later. She seems attracted to a table in the
room. Before the room was initially decorated the woman who had bought
the room was wondering how she would spruce it up. When she entered
what now is the Rose room she suddenly felt compelled to decorate it
with a rose motif, she later found out that the rose was the elderly
woman’s favorite flower. The second ghost to be seen is a bagpipe
player although rarely seen his music is often heard. And last but
certainly not least is a little girl name Elizabeth. She was said to
have died of pneumonia and she likes to play hide and seek and also
watch people from the staircase. All ghosts are perfectly harmless. And
seem to be a welcome attraction to the visitors to this lovely mansion.
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