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Chateau Ste Michelle Winery Manor House - Woodinville ,Washington

This beautiful winery is set up on 150 acres previously owned by Seattle lumber and dairy baron Fredrick Stimson. Although the winery itself was constructed in the mid-1970s, Mr. Stimson's old (early 1900s) mansion still occupies the land (manor house). Legend has it that Mr. Stimson had a love affair with one of his servants (supposedly named Elizabeth) and got her pregnant. When Mrs. Stimson found out about this, the servant had an "accident" and fell down a back stairwell, which leads to the kitchen. Kept in its original state, the house is still used constantly for meetings and dinners. Staff at the winery for years has had paranormal experiences here. There have been many reports of cold spots that follow you, strange shadows, and noises. Elizabeth seems to be particular to one of the upstairs restrooms by opening the window, closing the door, and turning the light on. Late night cleaning staff has reported hearing footsteps upstairs when no one is there. Other occurrences include lights turning on, toilets flushing by themselves, and security systems going on the fritz. There always seems to be something behind you and you get the chills right down to your bones when walking through the house alone at night. There have been reports of janitor crews leaving after being scared by something and never cleaning the manor house again.
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