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Bunny Man Bridge - Fairfax Station, Virginia

During the 1800s, a man went off to hunt for food. Upon return to his home, however, he discovered the mutilated bodies of his wife and child. Immediately, he summoned the sheriff. Since the bodies were so horribly mutilated and there were no other suspects, the husband was sent to a mental institution. Maintaining his innocence, the man vowed revenge. After escaping from the institution, the man took up residence near a bridge. Since the only clothes he owned were those made from rabbits’ skin, he soon became known as the “Bunny Man.” As time passed, children started playing near and around the Bunny Man. When several children came up missing, the authorities were notified. When they reached the bridge, officials saw body parts of the children hanging from trees; they also saw the Bunny Man being run over by a train. Today it is said that one may see body parts hanging from the trees and will hear the Bunny Man laughing.
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