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Belle Plains Cemetery - Belle Plains, Texas

This cemetery seems to be shrouded in mystery. One legend says that young man and woman were madly in love. The girl’s father, however, did not wish for the two to be together and swore that he would kill the boy if he ever saw the couple together again. Needless to say, the boy was killed. So bereaved was the girl that she went to her lover’s grave and hanged herself. It is said that if one happens to go to the cemetery during the late night, a young boy who vanishes within himself may be seen. The loud shrill cry of a girl is also allegedly heard. There have also been reports of creatures comparable to Bigfoot in this cemetery. It is said that in the rear portion of the cemetery is an Indian burial ground and these beasts are its guardians. They are reported to be around eight feet tall, and the size of two athletically built men. It is also rumored that they are white with green glowing eyes. Like coyotes, but many octaves deeper, the beasts are said to be heard howling at the moon during the hours of the early morning.
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