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Yaquina Bay Lighthouse (old) Newport, Oregon

The older lighthouse is said to be haunted by a strange mystery and a disappearance.

The story says that someone disappeared after the old lighthouse was abandoned. The tale got its start with an old magazine story called the Haunted Light, a late nineteenth century story about a young girl who is drawn to the empty lighthouse one day while picnicing with friends. She disappeared that day.

Some say her spirit still lingers, yet was it a story of fiction or fact? The legend of Muriel is a well-known tale in these parts, with locals lending their stories of sightings to the energy of the story.

To the north of the old lighthouse is the replacement. Yaquina Head Beacon is still said to be haunted. In the thirties, one of the lighthouse keepers said he heard the ghost on the stairs almost every night.

No keepers now, but the staff and visitors and volunteers have heard voices and footsteps in the Yaquina Head Lighthouse. Most believe that the spirit is one of the old lighthouse keepers.
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