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Old Farmhouse on Main Street - Pennington,New Jersey

Just pulling
into the stone-covered parking lot on the side of the house one begins
to feel a sense of foreboding. Once in the house, a sense of negative
energy can be felt. Spend time in the house and you will see and sense
things. Dogs and cats will run from or refuse to enter certain rooms at
different times. Heavily lined drapes will blow on a windless day with
the windows shut like they were fine linen on a windy day. Heavy
person-less footsteps on the wooden stairs can be heard. Door-knobs
will turn violently. Faint voices and moving objects and opening and
closing doors on their own. Knocks on bedroom doors late at night when
no one is there if you open the door. A sense of relief can be felt
when pulling away from the house.
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