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Maine, Owls Head Lighthouse

An hour north of Portland, Maine, Curtis Island Lighthouse is a bird sanctuary. Even closer to Owls head, we get to Breakwater Lighthouse, one of the few said to be not haunted.

Owls Head is a rocky, craggy area on the coast, sitting haunted on the hill. Footprints appear on the stairs and the cleaning's been done after a rain, but the footprints don't go down the stairs. Is it the spirit of a keeper taking his job seriously to this day?

One family that stayed in the keeper's house in the eighties, who found the ghost interacting with their daughter. The tiny daughter told the dad in the middle of the night that he had to turn on the fog horn. The family knew it wasn't coming from the little girl, but from a keeper from days gone by.

Strange events have gone on in the house, the footprints, the cleaning, the extreme care of the lighthouse, points to a former keeper. The resident family never feels alone.
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