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Maiden's Cliff - Camden,Maine

About 100 years ago, a young, 5 year old girl went to
church with her family, wearing a brand new pretty pink hat she had
received as a gift. Her family and the church members climbed to the
top of the mountain (maiden's cliff) to have their church service. As
the wind got stronger, her pretty pink hat blew off of her head. She
chased it, not paying attention and fell off of the side of the cliff,
into the rocky ocean below. She died there at the bottom hitting the
rocks. Today there is a VERY large white cross marking where she fell
and died. Some say that when looking below on the anniversary of her
death you can see her pretty pink hat good as new floating in the water
below, and if your quite enough you can hear her screams.

Additional Information: When
investigating this site, please take into account: The cliff does not
overlook the ocean. As a matter of fact, the ocean is about 4 miles
south of the location. The cliff does overlook (to some's
actually quite a distance away) Megunticook lake. She died later that
night at her home. She did not have a single brokenbone (she fell over
300 FEET!). She died of internal organ damage.
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