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Long Rd. / Devil's Tree - Bernardsville,New Jersey

Turn onto Long Rd, (which is
really short) then make a left at the end, you will come upon a highly
wooded area and then it just opens up into a field. At the end of the
field there is a huge hideous looking tree with a branch that extends
perfectly parallel to the ground. It is said that the tree was used to
hang slaves on and still has a chilling aura to it. You can see marks
on the trunk from people attempting to chop it down, they say whoever
tries, something bad happens to and sometimes a pickup truck will try
to chase you out. In the Summer that tree is in full bloom and actually
quite lovely. In the Winter or Fall however, it is creepy looking. The
axe marks on the tree are from years of kids hearing the legend of the
tree and what would happen if you tried to cut it down. Supposedly if
you try to cut it down the devil in a black pick up truck will come and
chase you away, once you drive down the road a bit the truck just
vanishes. It's an Urban Legend that gets featured in Weird NJ magazine
all the time.
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