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Lambertville high school - Lambertville,New Jersey

The school was built in 1854. A fire destroyed much
of it in 1926, but was remodeled in 1927. According to rumor, there was
another fire in 1992 which destroyed the school for good. An "official"
closing date has not yet been found. Several have claimed that in one
of the classrooms on the second floor, the black boards were covered
with drawings of children crying and burning. Another local legend is
that of "Buckeye". There are actually two versions of this story, but
with the same basic back-story. There was a championship football game
between Lambertville and New Hope (PA). An intense game was going on.
During a normal play, one of the New Hope Buckeyes was tackled to the
ground. When all the players got up, this boy was left lying still on
the grass. Because of this tragedy, the parents of the New Hope
students had football removed form the schools extra-curricular
activities. Urban legend #1- You are to stand on the
landing between the first and second floors, just inside the front
doors, and say out loud "I challenge Billy (or Buckeye, depending on
who you ask) to a football game!" Then, out of nowhere, a football is
supposed to fly straight at your head, breaking your neck. Urban
Legend #2-
While on the football field, located somewhere further
up the hill, one is supposed to say out loud "Buckeye, I challenge you
to a race!" A wind blows in, then either a mist arises or a pair of
glowing, red eyes appear at one end of the field. A voice is heard
saying, "Run to the other end of the field or die!" It was rebuilt then
abandoned in the 1950's due to zoning issues. Kids are known to commit
suicide from the third story gym windows. Reports of free floating
apparitions, cold spots, and sounds heard by the EVPs. Also documented
in pictures taken were ectoplasm like clouds and apparitions in 3rd
floor window. Also strange noises when quiet. Plans to tear this
building down in the very near future.WARNING: if you go there
do not park on Washington street, you can get arrested for trespassing.
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