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Holy Cross Sanatorium - Deming,New Mexico

It was a military base in WWI and a
TB hospital during WWII. In the mid 70's there was a devil-worshiping
cult that used it to sacrifice animals. It has one remaining building
all others were torn down due to the decrements. This building is
definitely haunted; witnesses have heard noises from the upper floor
and seen lights near the fountain at night. It has tunnels that lead
from Northwestern part of town to the Southeastern side of town, which
ends up at the airport; they have all been caved in. It has been a
place for teenagers to go and party. Different people have experienced
something in what they call the "Alter Room". It is a shadowy figure
that lurks just inside the doorway. There is also a cemetery just to
the north of the building, graves disturbed and a large cross has been
cut down. Town legend says that the teenagers that cut it down in the
70's all died that year. The houses around the area are also reported
to have paranormal activities. The Holy Cross in recent days has become
a dangerous place to be. Murders have been committed there in the last
few years. A gang has killed a peer as a sacrifice and a lover’s
quarrel was the demise of a man in a drainpipe. The place has always
been that of graffiti artists writing their names or the names of their
favorite bands. Now gang names and signs are all over it marking it as

Sheriffs patrol it often now and run people off who are in
there and possibly arrest them for trespassing.
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