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Heceta Head Lighthouse

To get to Heceta Head Lighthouse from Portlant, Oregon, you have to drive along highways of incredible vistas. The Pacific Ocean and the rugged shores of the Pacific Northwest, some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Heceta Head Lighthouse sits on a wedge of cliff, with its keepers quarters and light tower.

The keeper's quarters is a Queen Ann style fully restored house, beautiful amid the trees and rock croppings, now open to the public as a bed and breakfast. It is said to be the most haunted area of the compound.

The legend talks about a keeper's wife named Ru. who lost her child in an accident, with conflicting tales of the way the child died.

Guests of the bed and breakfast talk over the breakfast table of ghostly experiences and for the most part, the tales hold true to the legend.

The curator tells of the DeRoys, a couple, the wife joining her husband the keeper at Heceda Head. Staff have seen a woman, the style of the early nineteen hundreds, moving about the keepers quarters. A workman in the attic saw woman's reflection in the windows he was cleaning, the image clear and not fleeting.

The desolate area and windy weather gives the haunted lighthouse an even eerier feel, but none who work there have reported feeling uneasy with the spirit which resides there. All have reported feeling quite comfortable in the keeper's house.
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