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Hannah House - Indianapolis, Indiana

The sickening smell of rotting flesh drifts from a second-floor bedroom here, and mysterious cold spots seem to move about under their own volition. Sometimes, the apparition of a bearded man in a black frock coat can be seen. This Italianate mansion was built in 1858 by state legislator Alexander M. Hannah, but it was not until 1967, after the house had sat vacant for five years, that strange things started happening. Psychics say the overpowering stench of death on the second-floor comes from a stillborn child, whose birth was artificially induced after it started to putrefy within the body of Elizabeth Hannah. The apparition of Alexander Hannah was last reported in 1972, standing on the second-floor near the stairway arch. The ghost of an unidentified woman was reported near a window on the same floor, and phantom slaves have been seen hiding in the basement. Other eerie effects, such as moving chandeliers and picture frames, and unaccountable sounds, have been witnessed by television crews investigating the grand but spooky old house. (Indianapolis is at the center of the state, at the intersection of I-65, I-70, and I-74. The graves of Alexander and Elizabeth Hannah are in the Crown Hill Cemetery. Next to them is a small, unmarked tombstone with only a single date. Take I-465 to U.S. Hwy 31 north. The Hannah mansion is on the corner of National Avenue and Madison Avenue. Hannah House, 3801 Madison Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46225. Phone: 317-638-4264.)
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