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Blood Town Forest - Lancaster,Maine

This forest got its name back in the
70s when kids used to go camping out in the forest. One night a guy and
a girl went out there, and while the girl was setting up the tent, the
guy went back to the car to get something, and when he got to the car,
the girl's head was resting on the hood of the car. So he ran to a
nearby farmer's house and called the police, and when the police got to
the car, the guy's body was dead next to it. Since then the name was
been changed to Blood Town Forest for obvious reasons. You can hear all
kinds of messed up things if you go out there, but be careful if you do
because farmers that live nearby try to chase kids away from going in
the forest. There is a big rock at the entrance that tells the entire
story. A few kids have said that they have seen stuff out there.
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