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Berry’s Chapel - Quinton/Bridgeton,New Jersey

true story of Berry’s' Chapel is, Berry was a black pastor hung by the
KKK. The chapel was built back in the Civil war days. It burned down in
the early sixties. The grave yard was starting to get desecrated from
local kids parting in the area, and skulls started appearing in trees
by the main party spot.. It was then the county moved all the bodies to
the graveyard surrounding the ancient oak tree near the Salem City
public library. The area is blocked off now and you can't drive back
there. The Chapel was just in the paper again this week (05-27-02) as
they were again cleaning up the area from those lame people who feel
they have to dump all their trash back there. What was always odd is
how nothing would ever grow on Berry’s' grave. No grass, no weeds, no
bushes, nothing.
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