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Beginning An Investigation

Belief is not necessary, but negativity CAN affect the area. Negative energy may deter your subjects from making an appearance. Keep your thoughts on your task and enjoy your work.

Always obey the local laws. Venturing into a cemetery after dark, trespassing on private property and taking photos when not authorized will only serve to get you and your team into trouble. Best to get permissions ahead of time.

ALWAYS search the history of the site before beginning an investigation. Search the local Land and Trust offices, local library and area newspaper morgues for information or history on the site.

Never go to an investigation site under the influence. This can impair judgment and discredit your findings.

Never go to the site alone. This point has a two-fold effect. First, corroborating your findings with another investigator is always a good idea. Second, no investigator should go into the field alone. Often, haunted areas can be dangerous due to age, decay or abandonment. ALWAYS let another know where you will be and what time you will return.

Always be prepared. Set aside a backpack (hands-free shoulder straps) to hold your equipment and record keeping instruments.

Not every investigation attempt is going to succeed in photos or findings. Try again, perhaps at another phase in the moon, different weather patterns, time of day, etc.
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