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Find Haunted Graveyards

Old majestic cemetery

Most graveyards have stories surrounding them about one or more ghost appearing at least occasionally. Oftentimes, the ghost stories about graveyards do not specify who the ghost once was, yet the assumption is usually that the ghost or ghosts have graves within the confines of the graveyard.

If you are looking for haunted graveyards within your local area, find cemeteries that are as old as possible since these are the graveyards that usually have the most ghost stories associated with them. Graveyards that are in disrepair commonly have the most eerie stories as a result of the spooky ambience. Burial sites that are unmarked, yet are commonly known to house graves, also make good candidates for stumbling upon scary spirits.

If you are not aware of any ghost stories about graveyards within your local community, consider visiting some graveyards to see if you can stumble upon anything paranormal on your own.

Here are some tips:

*Visit the graveyard at night, but bring sources of light such as flashlights or lanterns.

*Find a comfortable spot and open your mind to experience whatever may happen.

*Be patient.

*If you bring someone else along with you, keep your conversations to a minimum.

*Consider bringing a camera, digital recorder, or some other form of recording device to catch images or sounds.

*Do not trespass in order to gain access to a graveyard at night. Many cemeteries have posted hours or are completely closed to public access, so wandering around the graveyard at night will more likely land you in trouble with the law than it will expose you to ghosts.
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