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The Brown Palace Hotel

The Story:
A couple of former employees and at least one guest don't seem to want to leave the hotel.

The Haunting:
Current hotel employees often run into this former uniformed waiter in the service elevator. Luckily, the ghost always leaves the elevator when it stops.

Also, where a United Airlines ticket office now stands, there was once a railroad station ticket office. Once, a man dressed in the style of an old-fashioned train conductor appeared just outside the ticket window and disappeared through the wall.
The Guests Won't Leave Either:
Mrs. Louise Crawford Hill was a socialite who lived in Room 904 for fifteen years. The story of her heartbreaks and lost loves were told in ghost tours conducted by the hotel's historian. Soon after this began, the switchboard began receiving calls from Room 904. Interestingly, the room didn't have a telephone, or even furniture or wallpaper, because it was in the midst of a renovation. The historian stopped talking about Mrs. Hill on the tour, and the phone calls stopped.
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