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Something Harrassing My Sister

First of all I want to start this story saying by saying that I am a Christian and so is my family.

This story started when my sister and me came back from a spiritual retirement, we both returned blessed and closer to God.

I am currently 15 and my sister is 12. During the camp, my sister was blessed with the power of speaking in any language so her faith was stronger than ever, she would read the bible everyday and pray and study the Lords word.

One day, she came to me while I was watching TV; she appeared to be very shocked. I asked her what had happened, she hesitated to tell me but I asked again, she was hugging my dog, Ricky, and scared. She said I had GAOUI (means a ghost touched her and she couldn't move when she woke up). I was surprised but did tell her to relax that it was probably due to being very tired (sometimes when you are very tired it happens).

Two days after that, it happened again, so we told our church teacher what was going on, and she told my sister that when a persons faith is very strong, the devil tries to make you fall, and that you should just ignore the ghosts and keep reading the bible.

So my sister decided to that, but a week after that she told me that when she finished reading the bible and went to sleep, she dreamt of scary stuff, like suicide and abandonment from her friends. This happened twice. She continued reading the bible, until one day when she was reading the bible she heard a voice, she said it wasn't a human voice, calling her name, she was really scared, almost petrified by fear, but the most weird thing is that one night she saw something in her bedroom, something with no shape, right then she stopped reading the bible and stuff like that stopped happening, but I don't want my sister to get farther from God.

By amkoreann
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