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Red Eyed Demon in My Room

First of all I would like to say that I’m not really good at writing stories in general, but I thought I really needed to share what happened to me a few years ago. The paranormal activity that started happening was when my mother and father decided to buy a new house. This decision was made because the old house was too crowded because me and my brother and parents and children (who came over ever weekend to sleep and sometimes in the week) were living in 3 bedroom house and we needed a 4 bedroom. The house that my Mother seen looked to good to be true, in a beautiful part of Wales UK the outside was wonderful as well as the inside and it also boasted a lovely back garden that was all done out with decking. The house was way under the normal price of house’s in that area, me and Mother went to visit it and the owner. The lady explained that she wanted to sell the house in a hurry because her dad was sick and she wanted to move in with him to look after him, the story sounded true enough but I a feeling that she was keeping something from us. I went upstairs and checked the bedrooms, and the room that I really liked was an ensuite and the daughter of the house owned that room, she seemed friendly enough and a few yrs younger than me who at the time was 26 years. The deal took a few months to go through but before we even agreed the final fee we visited the house again and this time the family inside had all left the home for the Grandfathers house even before they sold the house. All the stuff inside the house like furniture and mirrors and stuff would be left behind as told by us by the owner on that day, and to be honest alarm bells starting ringing in my head but I did not say anything to my Mother because she loved the house.
Finally all deeds were ours and we moved in the new house……
The first day that we moved in something strange happened in my brother’s attic room he went upstairs with me and is girlfriend and light bulb just came crashing down for no reason at all and just went past is head. We were quite freaked about it because there was no reason for that to happen as there was no wind or anything to move it in that way, we just forgot about that and just tried to get on with moving in the house.
The house was fine for at least about a year and no occurrences happened during that time except I was becoming a recluse and would always stay in my room during this period. Before we moved in I used to interact with my family at meal times and talk to them about my problems. I had a superb relationship with my Mother and would tell her everything that happened during my days, at this particular time I did not speak much with my Mother which was strange. I went through an incredible depression and felt as if something was wrong with me and could not take my life and the way it was going. This continued for quite some time.
Until one night I woke up in my room and felt as if something was just watching me in my room, the room felt really warm and it just felt like there was a presence there just staring at me. I looked around the room but saw nothing this was about 12:00 am at night. I thought nothing of it and went back to sleep. I later woke up at 2 – 2:30 am again felt as if I was being watch I turned over to the other side of the bed and saw a figure standing next to my bed! It was the top half of an old women and it was misty so I could not really see her features, I was struck with terror for a second and then the image went away in the space of a few seconds. The episode did freak me out but I was trying to rationalize it as maybe just a hallucination or just a speck in my eye. I got up from bed and washed my face and proceeded to go back to sleep.
I woke up the next morning and to be honest tried to totally forget what had just happened the day before and got on with my day as normal. I never told anyone in my house what had happened because I did not want to scare anybody and to be honest I did not think they would believe me. I went to work and everything was fine I did still feel a little freaked out but I tried to blank it out of my mind. I returned home and had some food but felt really tired that afternoon so I decided to go to bed early that night.
This is where my story starts getting FREAKY………….
Well after my food and watching some TV I turned in for the night at around 10:00 pm. For some reason I woke up at 12:00 am again and felt that same feeling that something was watching, at this point I was getting scared because I thought I would see that figure by the side of my bed again. I decided to try and be brave and not go in my kids spare room and just turned to the other side of the bed and went asleep again. I woke up again at 2 – 2:30 am and this time I felt even worse than before I was sweating cold on my head and really felt something was watching me! I turned over to the other side of the bed and to my HORROR It was up on the top of my ceiling a Demon like face held up on a wooden stake, the demon like face looked wooden and was smiling at me and had sharp teeth for some reason it reminded me of Darth Maul in Star Wars it looked similar to that. The stake was moving by its own rising until the head was at the top of my ceiling It looked malignant and was staring at me with glowing Red Eyes, the eyes looked the only thing that was not wooden and they were looking at me as if mocking me and I was frozen there and could not scream or move!
I thought the ordeal was not going to end because the head was just staying there I had hoped it would disappear and that it was all in my head but this thing was not going! Finally what seemed like a life time later it must have only been a one minute or so the head started disappearing but to my horror the head and the stick disappeared but the eyes stayed there still watching me, by this time I was totally freaked out and still could not move. The eyes started making they way over to me and were on the ceiling hovering over my head looking straight into my eyes I felt as if this thing Demon whatever it was, was trying to posses me or just totally scare me out of my wits!
It finally disappeared and I got out of bed totally scared shitless I took my cushion and went to sleep in my Kids room. I did not tell anybody that night because I was to scared to even talk about it, I went into my kids room because I have never felt anything in there and finally got to sleep after a long time of just being petrified.
I woke up that morning and felt totally drained of any energy and decided I had to tell my parents what had happened. I explained to them the 2 times that paranormal things happened and at first they were skeptical but I eventually managed to convince them because they could see the fear in my eyes that I was not making this story up. Throughout my life I have never seen anything paranormal before and I was not prone to making up stories either I think that’s why they believed me so quickly. I did not want to stay at my house that night or forever so I decided to sleep in my Grandmothers house the night later, I sleep there and worried this thing would follow me but I seen nothing in her house that night.
The day after I decided to go back to my house because I did not want to let this thing win because I wanted to be home and not away from my family. I came to a conclusion that this Demon or Spirit whatever it was, was feeding off my negative energy was trying to change my character and maybe possess me. I don’t think it could go as far as possessing me because I was a catholic and believe in GOD and Jesus, It was trying to make me alienate myself from the people who were close to me the most. The next day I came back to the house I decided to sleep in my kids room for good because I did not want to move back in that room to sleep, I still spent time in the room because I had my PC xbox360 and PS3 there I was not freighted to be in there I juts did not want to sleep there. This is why I think that lady really wanted to rush to sell the house and that they left even before they sold it.
Because of those experiences I decided to read the New Testament to see if it would help me battle this entity and read it several times and let Jesus into my life from there on in. I went to church every week and asked my priest to bless all my house and he did a few months after the events, all was fine I never seen anything in that room again and if I was scared as long as I prayed I had strength from my Lord Jesus who protected me at all times.
I don’t want to keep on going but something started happening again when I had my girlfriend come to live in my parent’s house. I will give details of that in the future but first I would like an opinion from you all about what happened to me and what you think it was because I really think it was a Demon but would like input from other people who are more expert than me on these matters.
by Pasquale
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