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Haunted History - San Antonio Texas

San Antonio--home of the Alamo, the NBA's Spurs and, perhaps, a legion of ghosts. They don't mention it in the tourist brochures, but this Texas city has long been a hot-spot for spectral sightings. HAUNTED HISTORY heads to Texas to examine the many tales of ghosts and spirits in San Antonio. Hear the convincing, troubling story of the businessman who received an unwelcome guest from beyond the grave. Learn the saga of the beautiful Sallie White, gunned down in March of 1876, who has wandered hotel hallways ever since. Meet people who claim to have been visited by a flirtatious spirit in the Alamo theater who some say is the ghost of a popular actress from the 1920s. And examine the numerous accounts of the bloodied fighters of the Alamo reliving their epic, futile battle against the forces of Santa Ana.

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