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Ghost Party

This story I'm about to tell you really happened to me swear to god! If I'm making this up may a hobo fry my brains for an omelet! Well, it all happened when I went to korea to visit my mom on Jan. 14 sunday. I watched a tv show when it was time for me to got to bed. But I heard something interesting... "Blank gathers in this day".

Then my worst fears were realized. Jan. 16 is the day when ghosts get together. In Jan. 16 I forgot the whole ghost thing then. While I was playing outside at night with a couple of my korean friends and cousins, I saw something strange, I said "hey what's that?" in korean, then suddenly my friends and cousins were shaking badly and I yelled "Hey who are you!?" I said in korean, then the unexpected happened. The women or a girl, because I couldn't tell, looked at us and showed her face and I mean, oh my god, the face scared the living hell out of me!

We were screaming and running inside until we saw more ghosts and I said "we're so getting out of here!". And I ran inside and told my mom the whole story and she looked out and almost everyone in the whole apartment complex heard the story and saw the whole thing and slept with scary dreams.

By Chris
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