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The Camp Oroville Incident: "Demonic Possession"

Since 1980, one part of Camp Oroville has been closed after reports of a demonic possession that took place. Lake Oroville officials have declined to make any comments on the matter out of the fear of losing its summer campers.

On August, 4th 2000, a Vallejo youth group took a trip to Camp Oroville. Two of the camp counselors believed that they have a map of the location where the demonic possession took place which was now closed to the public. The history of Camp Oroville shows that it was purchased by a man named J. Parker Oroville who purchased the land in the 1800's. He was shunned by the early nearby settlers because they knew he practiced satanic rituals deep within the camp grounds.

Numerous people who live nearby claimed to hear and see things that they should not see and hear near the roads of camp Oroville. Some even reported it to the local law enforcement but it was ignored and the case was always closed.

The footage you are about to see is what the hiker found on the side of the road. The footage is gritty and dark due to the weather damage over the years.

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