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Spook Hall - Jerome,Arizona

In fact, one of the town’s most well known ghosts is said to lurk at the town’s Community Center. Formally called Lawrence Memorial Hall, the building is more often familiarly termed as “Spook Hall” due to a number of strange happenings there by its resident ghost. Named for a major contributor of the Jerome Historical Society, Lawrence Hall was once the old J.C. Penney building. However, before the building was built, in its place, stood a number of small shacks, referred to as “cribs” used by the “sporting ladies” who lived there and entertained their guests. In one of these lived a prostitute who was stabbed to death by a miner. It is this forlorn soul that is said to be often seen in front of Spook Hall, lingering there momentarily before moving onward toward a hotel, here she suddenly vanishes.

During Jerome's heydays, the town was teeming with vice, including, by some estimates, more than 100 prostitutes. The Spook Hall ghost was not the only unfortunate girl who lost her reputation, as well as her life, in a mining camp filled with rowdy men.
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