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Mays Canyon Road - Guerneville ,California

The stories began around June of 1991. One night a young man was driving along Mays Canyon Road when he thought he spotted a woman standing in the middle of the road. She appeared suddenly; at first he believed he'd hit her,but later realized he'd passed through her figure with his vehicle. Not long after -perhaps a few months - a girl (who had no knowledge of the previous sighting) was walking along the road at twilight when she encountered a woman walking the opposite direction. The woman asked the girl if she knew some of the other boys who took walks down Mays at nighttime, and the girl replied that she did. They chatted briefly and parted ways. Later, it was discovered that her description of the woman matched that of the woman who had been "run over." Because so many people have described dangerous or frightening experiences on Mays Canyon Road, many of the detai ls where chosen to be left out.
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