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Indio High School - Indio ,California

Indio High has been around since the early 60's. A former caretaker reports many experiences. One occurred late one rainy night in the front entrance of the school, it is an open space with a once fountain turned garden in the 90's. One Rainy night he was out doing his job cleaning up classrooms and campus when from the corner of his eyes he saw two figures in the distance sitting at the fountain talking and kissing. He thought this was odd considering its near midnight, it's raining, and at the time the school was practically in the middle of the desert. So with out taking his eyes off of them he began to approach them to ask them if they might need a ride or shelter from the rain. As he got half way near the fountain the male figure wearing a varsity jacket turned to him, the girl wearing a pretty prom like dress stood up and turned towards the caretaker, that's when he realiz ed they hadn't been affected by the rain... there clothes were completely dried and puffy! They faded away and disappeared. In the late 1970's or early 80's a group of students were returning home from prom night, the driver didn't see a ditch in the road and hit it, the car flipped killing 2 girls, 2 boys, and leaving the fifth person in the car in coma for several years when she finally came-to she was left a vegetable. Later she died at the age of 27 in her home. If you want to research this info your welcomed to do so at the Indio Library, and Indio High School library.
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