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West Virginia University - Morgantown,West Virginia

Library - On the 10th floor of the old section of the library one gets the distinct feeling of being watched also the elevator opens and people are heard entering and exiting without being seen. The side desk areas also seem to be heavily occupied as writing can be heard from empty desks. Apparitions have also been seen. In the new section one gets the same sensations occasionally as if coming from the older building.

Beta Theta Pi - Beta Psi Chapter - Residents of the fraternity have reported clanging of chains in a lower room of the house. It was believed to be the ghost of the late butler of the house in the 1940s .And now it is believed to be that it was an old homeless person they let live in the basement of the house in the 80’s being in the room where they hear it and the little hallway the guy hung himself at.
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