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University of California Santa Cruz / Porter College - Santa Cruz ,California

The Meadow - The third spirit is a transient named Lily that lived in the meadow near Porter in the 70s, she is seen walking around the meadow, either in rags or naked.

B Building / North of the B building - 3rd Floor Over the years, a number of people residing on the hall have experienced waking up from a dead sleep and feeling as though they were being strangled and held to their bed as they tried to sit up.

B Building / 1st Floor - On the first floor of B building three rooms are known as the "Bermuda Triangle" This hall is no longer occupied but when it was there were many reports of noises and voices heard, objects flying across the rooms and a feeling that there was something extremely malicious there. The malicious feeling persists for people just walking down the hall.

A Building - On the fifth floor of A building a student killed himself and is occasionally seen walking down the hall dressed as he was when he died. there are several other 'ghosts' known to reside in the A building as well.
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