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Northern State University / Johnson Fine Arts Center - Aberdeen,South Dakota

This is a young building, having only been built in the early 1970s. 
However, there have been some unexplained occurrences. 
Occasionally, there can be heard a whistled tune from one of the men's
restrooms when there is no one present.  Sometimes the lights in
the makeup room and costume shop come on or off, depending on how one
leaves them.  On rare occasions, phantom keys have been heard
jingling in the empty seating area.  One night in particular, this
was followed up by a loud crash on some platforms set up onstage. 
One time, a small group of students had a ball of tape thrown at them
from nowhere and the wheelchair lift operated on its own.  After
dark, when the building is empty, many students who have passed through
the front hallway have expressed an intensely creepy feeling - the need
to hurry up and get out of the hallway.
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