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Mission Inn - Riverside ,California

The Mission Inn is an older, semi-spooky (yet extremely classy and pricey) hotel. While guests of the Inn may enjoy modern amenities such as an outdoor Olympic sized pool and fitness center, the catacombs that run underneath the building heading in the direction of Mt. Rubidoux are now closed. As one current employee of the Inn remembers, an older gentleman was once given a room in one of the upper stories of the building, as there were no lower floor rooms available due to construction. The next morning, when the gentleman was asked if his accommodations were adequate, he replied,"All was fine, especially the woman singing beautifully in the next room." He was the only tenant on that floor. This place is haunted by
the Millers. The Mission Inn Hotel was originally a 12 room cottage where the pool now sits. The existing structure of the hotel was begun in 1900 and completed in a pproximately 1947. Owned first by C.C.Miller and sold to his son, Frank, in 1900. Frank's sister, Alice,managed the hotel until her death in the late '40s.

215 - Reports of blue lights the size of a bowling ball has been reported inside room 215.

Alice Miller's ('Aunt Alice') room - 4th floor, south east corner. This two-level room is very active. Reports of cold spots, touches, apparitions. Strong presence of Alice.

Bridal/Honeymoon Suite - Across from Alice Miller's room. Multiple reports of being pushed down the spiral staircase of this two-level room. In 1993, a couple on their honeymoon night checked out of the room just after midnight after reportedly being pushed on the stairwell.

Catacombs - Once an underground museum, this area was closed to the public when the hotel was re-opened in 1992. There was an enormous amount of activity in the area of the foyer during the years immediately following the hotel's re-opening. The hotel's comptroller at re-opening resigned after seeing someone in this area late one evening.

Frank Miller's Room - 4th floor, north east corner. One of the only rooms not restored during the closure of the hotel from 1985 to 1992. Possibly now a banquet room at the end of Author's Row. Strong presence of Mr. Miller.

Hallways - Numerous sightings of vanishing guests along hallways throughout hotel,particularly along Author's Row, covered hallway near Alice Miller's room, 2nd and 4th floor hallways (east-to-west) parallel to pool,service area hallway behind Mission dining room.

Spanish Patio - Strong presences felt throughout, particularly in north-east cloister near the Lincoln bust. Mission-themed Glockenspiel was designed by Alice Miller who died just before it was completed. The clock is notorious for misbehaving.

Storage Building behind hotel (north side) - Attached by a small bridge to the main structure of the hotel, this small building has been closed to the public since re-opening with limited employee access. Numerous accounts of sightings and unexplained noises. A construction worker reportedly lost his life during reconstruction in the late '80s in this building.
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