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Lizzy’s House - Exeter, Pennsylvania

Lizzy and her husband were a happy, and well-to-do couple many years ago, as the story goes. This all changed once Lizzy discovered that her husband was having an affair with their housekeeper. After being confronted about his infidelity, the husband decided that he did not wish to stay with Lizzy. He pushed her down the stairs, and she plummeted to her death. Hauntings include sounds of thumping on the stairs, lights flickering on and off, and loud screeches in the night. One night, a teenage boy was walking in front of the house, and a group of boys drove up to where he was. They jumped out and proceeded to beat him up, rob him, and eventually kill him. One of the boys looked up at the house and noticed a white, floating figure coming towards him. He called to his friends, and they left. The person that reported the murder to the police only identified herself as Lizzy.
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