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Elms road - Delevan,Wisconsin

As the legend goes there was a man that used to Live on elms road he was a butcher and was the butcher for that town one night he had went crazy and chopped his family up one by one in the local butcher, Later that night he hand hung him self in the barn in the woods... it has been stated and many others who were non believers till now that if you go to were the old butcher shop was you will hear frantic screaming and loud laughing, It was also stated that he had hung him self in his barn which was located in the woods if you are going down the street toward delevan turn left onto Elms road then go straight for about 7 miles till you come to a gravel road on the left side and turn left onto the road go all the way down into the woods area then keep straight to right about were the road turns to field and make sure everyone you are with is looking straight ahead or not at all, then every one you are with turn there head to the right and you will see the man with the rope around his neck standing there then he will disappear...You can also go to wear the barn is located and still see the rope hanging there .
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