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Building and Bridge - Iowa Park,Texas

If you go between Vernon and Iowa Park there is a road close to Buffalo Lake, you turn off the main highway. You go you'll come to a "T" in the road turn left go strait. The road will get very narrow," by the way if you go in straight you'll have to back out backwards" but if you go right you should see a bridge it will be burnt down. The saying is that a girl and guy coming back from the prom ran out of gas on that bridge the guy went to get some gas the closest gas station was 20 miles away later the girl herd a nock on the door when she looked up it was two weird looking guys she tried to lock the door but they opened it and pulled her out the raped her then tried to burn the car and her, while doing that they also
burnt down the bridge they ran to a ten building about 50 yards away
the police came and found the men in the shed there was a struggle and
in the end the two men were killed. They say if you go park your car
get out go underneath the bridge you will here screaming and all of the
sudden a teenage girl will come out of no were and get up in your face
thin she will vanish; the bars well start vibrating usually by this
time everyone runs away while running they say you see a beam of light
shoot from the ten building it will fly by threw the trees and then
vanish. Then while driving away there is a dog that well come out of no
were its huge cant miss it just don't swerve when you see it.
Be Very cautious backing out, there have been bad accidents.
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