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Averill Stand - Wilmington,Vermont

Averill Stand Historic Site was
built in 1787, and was for many years the stagecoach stop between
Bennington and Brattleboro on what is now Route 9. The Averill family
managed the stagecoach stand on the site, hence the name Averill Stand,
as well as the tavern and Inn. The family cemetery is on a small plot
of land adjacent to the old pasture, and contains the bodies of many of
the house's former occupants. One of those, Lavina Field Averill, is
believed to have died in childbirth in the home, and it' is thought
that she may be the spirit who has, several time, placed missing items
on the kitchen counter. One visitor reports having seen a young woman
in old clothing in the dining room. At night, always between 10:30 and
11:40, the current occupant's dogs run to the back door, barking, and
watch someone or something, cross the back yard and walk to the old
driveway. Some unseen being repeatedly rings the doorbell on snowy
nights, leaving no trace of human footsteps. Perhaps it is Lavina, or
perhaps it's Mrs. Brown, the wife of former lumber baron Martin Brown,
who lived in the home for many years in the early 1900's, and died
there. Mrs. Brown is known to visit at least one of the adjoining
houses, in which she also resided. The house is noted for the repeated
observations of spirit-sensitive folks for the warmth and friendliness
and welcoming feel of the place, which many attribute to the spirits of
the house.
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