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Adobe House - Shafter, Texas

Locals say that long ago a young woman and her daughter lived in the house. After marrying a soldier in Pancho Villa�s Army, the woman and her daughter were frequently abused. On particular night, the inebriated man began to beat the woman to death. As she was knocking at death�s door, her daughter came into the room. The soldier, then grabbed the child and threw her into a wall, breaking her back. Enraged, the young woman gathered enough strength to shoot the man in his face. As he fell, an oil lamp collapsed, setting the woman ablaze. Engulfed in flames, the woman went into the next room and held her daughter until they both died. It is said that if one goes to the house on cloudy nights, lays face down, and says “Mama” three times, the smell of burning flesh will arrive. Burned footprints will also appear in the floor.
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