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Track - Washington, New Jersey

Many years ago, an overweight slightly retarded child named Tommy D ran the mile in 14 minutes and 41 seconds — the worst time in school history. After being teased by his peers, the boy referred to as Tommy Dummy was determined to run the mile faster. One weekend, Tommy went to the field and ran the mile alone in under ten minutes. This is known only because he corpse was found at the finish line the following Monday grasping his stopwatch. Since then, each time students run the mile, they feel cold spots around the field, especially where the body was found. On foggy mornings, others report seeing an apparition jogging around the field. It is further alleged that watches cease to work just as anyone is nearing the finish line — thus no one can ever get an accurate time. Even more uncanny, the second hand is always said to stop on 14 or 41 seconds past the minute.
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