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The Three Chimneys Inn - Durham,New Hampshire

Hannah is her name. This
descendant of Valentine Hill is believed to be the home's most restless
spirit. Over the years we have found Hannah to be quite fond of
electronics and to enjoy playing hide and seek with a variety of
inordinate objects. It is believed that Hannah does not like change and
makes this very well known when new equipment with a power cord is
brought on to the property. This often times has forced the Inn to seek
outside assistance with help for something as simple today as a new
computer or copy machine which has stumped our vendors as to why
certain items will not properly work. The numbers have appeared
backwards on a calculators ten key. While printing one page from a
computer several pages have began printing even after the computer and
printer were turned off and unplugged leaving the printer without power
continuing to print for nearly twenty minutes until the paper was
gone.  Hannah has a special affection towards some of the Inns
employees. The Inn is staffed 24 hours a day therefore the Inn has an
employee stay overnight. On one occasion, an employee was sleeping to
be awoken by someone playing with her hair. Aware that Hannah is often
around, she simply tucked her hair into her nightgown and told Hannah
to go to bed. On another occasion another employee was fast asleep,
again, awoken by the sound of someone walking around our front parlor.
Quickly the employee went downstairs and found every drawer in the
armoire, desk and filing cabinet pulled out by exactly one inch. On
occasion Hanna has shown herself. One evening a former Chef was working
in the food and beverage office late into the evening. Shortly after
1:00am the Chef locked the office and was making way up the stairs from
the Tavern to leave when a movement happened. Below the staircase is a
railing that looks behind the bar. In looking down to see what the
movement was the Chef was shocked to see Hannah standing behind the bar
area looking up at the Chef. Often times locks with deadbolts have a
way of locking themselves while no one is near. While a party from a
local insurance company were dining in our Maples dining room during
the holiday season the entire party witnessed a glass from a table
across the room where not a sole was near, pick itself up off the table
and smash against the side of the table to land in pieces on the
floor.  Much of the Staff and Guests alike have witnessed the
shadow, face, touch or vintage clothing of this magnificent woman named
Hannah. Given the history of the Inn it is believed that several
spirits other than Hannah reside in this home today.
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