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Photography Opportunities

Ensure that your camera lens is clean and dry. Any dust or prints will adversely affect the picture.

Keep all cigarette or cigar smoke away from the photo area. This can be confused for ectoplasm.

Fog, snow and dry winds can cause irregular photos. Blowing dust can appear as orbs.

Consider removing the camera strap to ensure it doesn't get in the image's path. At such close range, straps (and fingertips) can appear as vortex.

Never shoot a photo directly into the sun's rays. Reflection, lens magnification and smudges will appear as something they are not.

Avoid handling the negatives in case of future reproductions. Place negatives in clear plastic sleeves designed for archiving.

Try if possible to avoid flash photography. Reflection can cause havoc in an image.

Try to avoid auto focusing on newer cameras. Set to manual to avoid misfocusing on a bright light.
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