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Pensacola Lighthouse - Florida

Nearly one hundred and fifty years old, the tower is maintained by the US Coastguard and they tend to refuse the rumors about ghosts.

The local story talks about a tragedy in the late eighteen hundreds on a hot summer night. An argument between a keeper and his wife resulted in a bloody and brutal murder, likely, the locals say, after years of abuse. The blood stain won't be scrubbed out. It returns no matter how much one tries to clean that part of the bedroom floor.

A plumber, looking for frozen pipes one cold January evening, saw and heard a person near him and around him, not his work partner. He spoke to him and the specter spoke back. To this day the plumber swears the encounter is true.

Tour guests have seen a lady in white on the second catwalk on the tower and even though the stairs and tower are locked, the spirit is seen walking around the light.
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